Air Blast Cannon, Maker's Lab STEM Kit

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Ready, aim, blast! Using the fun and clear instruction book, construct a moveable, air-powered cannon and fire away at the included targets. Makers will explore the physics of projectiles, the mechanics of pneumatics, and how they work in everyday machines—like bicycle pumps!

What You Can Make

A moveable air-powered cannon that you build yourself!

Everything You Need To Get Started

  • 3 foam darts
  • 5 large syringes in 3 colors
  • 1 small syringe
  • 3 tubes in different colors
  • 5 custom u-clips
  • 5 custom o-clips
  • Plastic fasteners
  • Chipboard pieces

Crystal Clear Instructions

With 32 pages of detailed instructions and brightly colored images, you will learn the science of pneumatics and air pressure.

Throughout the book, you will find helpful tips on how to avoid common problems and troubleshooting tips.

Crafting With Klutz

Power your interest in mechanical engineering with this DIY cannon.

Start by learning how air molecules act in a small space and how that creates pressure, then expand that learning to understand the difference between air power and firepower (like in a real cannon). Add some physics to the mix with the included target games that will have them experimenting with arcs and how aim affects the direction of the dart.

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