Amazing Super Snow Powder

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Amazing Super Snow Powder - Makes over 2 Gallons

The Amazing Super Snow Powder is the first and original snow polymer that actually erupts. No stirring required. Just add water and watch it erupt into snow in seconds. Don’t settle for imitation snow that results in a slushy mess, get the original artificial snow.

Snow Erupts Immediately! No waiting. No stirring

Amazing Super Snow is the original faux-snow powder that turns into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow in seconds.

Just add water and you won't believe your eyes. This artificial snow looks and feels like the real thing. It’s even cold to the touch. Pour a little powder into small hands and add water for oohs and ahhs and screams of ‘do it again!’

Perfect for parties and decorating

Use your imagination to think of all the ways to use snow for parties and events.

If it dries out, just spritz with water and it will puff right up again.

Perfect for science fairs and experiments

Packed into a small amount of the dry powder is an amazing reaction. Super Snow is a compact, superabsorbent polymer that quickly (in seconds) 'drinks' up lots of water and 'erupts' instantly, expanding to 100 times its original size. The reaction is very fast and very visual. Kids and adults of all ages will love it.

Use the activity guide to learn the science behind the erupting snow.

Educational Science Fun

Scores a ten on the Fun-o-meter!

You get all of the materials you need including mixing instructions and the scientific explanation.

Amazing Super Snow isn't just a cool demonstration, educators have found great use in sensory tables for early childhood, chemistry for advanced sciences, and has even been converted into a science fair project by introducing variables. You're getting a 'wow' factor with a ton of scientific application. 

  • Amazing Super Snow - Immediate. No waiting. No stirring.
  • Safe, non-hazardous material.
  • The jar contains 100 grams of snow powder & makes approximately 2 gallons of faux snow.
  • Grows more than 100x its size.
  • Perfect for science fair activities, parties & decorating.

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