Colorful Counting Number Stacker

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A hands-on, stimulating, and fun way to learn to count from 0 to 9

Get a head start on the fundamentals of math and counting with our Colorful Counting Number Stacker! Early learners love to get hands-on and stack and sort the colorful discs, which is easily extended into counting exercises, number recognition, and simple math facts. Count up the rings in groups, match the colors, reorder the removable number tiles--there are so many enriching activities in this simple toy!

Why You'll Love It

Our stacker is a simple, traditional and natural counting tool that kickstarts early math learning with a Montessori spirit! Stacking up and sorting the discs hones fine motor skills and encourages critical thinking. And all pieces are cut from natural wood, sanded smooth, and vibrantly colored with safe paints.

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