Deluxe Indoor And Outdoor Horseshoe Game Set

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Taking Aim at Fun

Saddle up for a classic game of horseshoes, the traditional family game of tossing! This 10-piece set from Crown Sporting Goods includes four horseshoes (two each of red and blue), plus four stakes for indoor or outdoor play, along with a pair of plastic stabilizing mats. Whether enjoying a round of games in the living room, the backyard, at the beach, football tailgate, or out at the park for a picnic, this 10 piece horseshoe set is solid for any indoor/outdoor situation.

Why You'll Love It

P.E. coaches, parents, and field day fans will appreciate the fact that tossing games like horseshoes encourage hand-eye coordination, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and general development in children. Updated plastic components are non-toxic to ensure health and safety standards. For a typical, regulation horseshoe experience, plant your stakes about 40 feet apart and get throwing! A ringer is worth three points, a leaner is worth two, and a "close" throw is worth one.

  • Item Dimensions: 18.65x15.00x2.00 in.
  • Item Weight: 3.26621 lbs.

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