Early Years Math Resource Set

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Practice math skills with this bumper set of 498 translucent, acrylic color math resources and laces that are ideal for using on a light panel for learning about shapes and attributes, counting and sorting, patterning and sequencing. Colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and clear.

• For use with or without a light panel, this bright set of manipulatives is a perfect size for school classrooms or other centers. Packaged in a plastic box with lid and handles for easy storage.
• This bumper set of 498 brightly colored manipulatives and laces is ideal for the classroom environment in teaching early math and fine motor skills as well as color exploration.
• Featuring colorful geometric figures, 2D lacing shapes and hollow pattern blocks, there are so many ways for children to practice shape and color recognition, patterns, sorting, lacing, counting and more!
• Consisting of durable acrylic manipulatives and nylon laces, this classroom resource set is completely washable and made to last.

Includes: 72 lacing geometrics (6 each of flowers, hexagons, triangles, circles, hearts, rhombi, octagons, squares, 9-point stars, pentagons, rectangles and 5-point stars), 90 hollow pattern blocks (15 each of hexagons, triangles, rhombi, squares, regular and irregular quadrilaterals), 12 cubes (4 each of large, medium and small), 12 geometric shapes (sphere, semisphere, cube, cone, cylinder, triangular pyramid, square pyramid, triangular prism, 2 rectangular prisms, pentagonal prism and hexagonal prism), 300 stackable counters and 12 laces. Packaged in a plastic container with lid and handles.

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