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Sensory and ADHD toys for kids and adults can help increase focus and productivity, and the Bouncyband Fidget Phone is a silent fidget and ADHD tool to enable kids and adults to fidget without the distraction of an actual phone! Pressing your thumb and fingers on the resistance buttons and feeling the silent “click” allows excess energy to be expelled alleviating tension, hyperactivity and boredom, helping to achieve greater focus and sensory/ADHD help. It's a soothing and comforting activity that can increase concentration when phones are off limits, like in class, during meetings and more. Adults and kids alike can benefit from this fidget phone. It’s great for those with sensory issues, attention deficit disorder or even those who get restless and anxious when not using their phone. It keeps hands busy and minds focused, leading to tangible results and greater productivity. The Fidget Phone measures 2.5” by 5.5,” with a similar size to most cell phones, so it can be used at school, work, home or even when traveling. Great for meetings or in the classroom, it’s latex-free and safety tested.

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