Geomag Pro-L Kit, 174 Piece Magnetic Construction Set

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PRO-L: The Ultimate Magnetic Buiding Sets

The Evolution of the Classic Magnetic Construction System!

Geomag PRO-L is the evolution of the classic magnetic construction system, designed for children 8 years and up. The power of the special magnets used in the PRO-L sets allows kids to build even more spectacular structures. The pieces include a polarity indicator, shown on the rods, which helps kids understand the full potential of magnetism. Encouraging learning through hands-on play, the PRO-L sets require imagination, promote STEM concepts and introduce kids to a world of creative building!

  • Promotes STEM Learning through Hands-On Play - introduce basic concepts behind Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!
  • Magnetic Construction Toys You Can Trust - Geomag invented the first magnetic construction toy in 1998!
  • Made in Switzerland - Swiss Quality and Craftsmanship that is 100% Safe for Kids!
  • Get Building Today - 3 different sets offer a variety of piece counts to suit all builders - beginner to pro!

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