Gregory Grows Up Layered Jigsaw Puzzle

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Watch Gregory grow up, right before your eyes!

"I am Professor Poplar, and this is my patented guide to growing up! This nice young man is Gregory, and through the power of puzzles, you can help him grow up! Everyone, even Gregory, starts out as a baby, but as you add more pieces to the puzzle, he'll mature before your very eyes.

"Take him through his toddler years, then help him grow into a kid. But stay sharp, because the puzzles gain more pieces as Gregory grows! Can you piece together Gregory as a teen? Just look how long his arms and legs have gotten. And finally, with his chiseled chin and dapper blazer, you have grown-up Gregory!"

Why You'll Love It: This innovative layered jigsaw design combines five puzzles inside a single base! Kids solve five stages of growing up, each with rising difficulty: baby, toddler, kid, teen, and grown-up. And, puzzling out these jigsaws develops fine motor skills and encourages critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Item Dimensions: 7.75x5.75x7.75 in.
  • Item Weight: .75833 lbs.

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