Grow Your Own Crystal Mini Worlds Craft and Science Kit

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Grow a rainbow of dazzling crystals

Grow your own magical mini worlds while exploring the science of minerals and crystal formation! Each kit includes materials needed to create 3 different dazzling projects: a dragon's cave, a unicorn's forest, and a seahorse's coral reef. You’ll enchant your family and friends with your rainbow creations!

What You Can Make

Grow crystals in a variety of shapes and colors, and then add paper punch-outs and figurines to create 3 dazzling miniature scenes:

  • A unicorn’s enchanted forest
  • A seahorse’s coral reef
  • A dragon’s cave

Everything You Need To Get Started

You get all the tools and supplies needed to create your crystal worlds:

  • 3 figurines: a unicorn, a seahorse, and a dragon
  • Crystal powder
  • 4 colors of air-dry clay
  • 3 custom stands, 38 paper punch-outs
  • Silver glitter, 4 pipe cleaners, 4 dye tablets
  • 2 craft sticks, Nylon Thread, Glue

Crystal Clear Instructions

With 48 pages of detailed instructions and brightly colored images, you will explore the science of minerals and crystal formation.

Start by picking a theme, and then learn the basics of crystal growing, making solutions, and mixing colors.

Throughout the book, you will also find helpful tips on how to sculpt decorations using air-dry clay to complete your mini world.

You will also discover clever new ways to house your crystal creations using the included punch-outs and stands or items you may already have at home.

Crafting With Klutz

Throughout the book, you will find helpful tips on how to avoid common problems and suggestions on how to customize your works of art.

Enhance your creations by adding a glitter edge for a little extra sparkle.

Plus, learn loads of tid-bits about crystals and the science of how they grow.

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