Heuristic Play Starter Set

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A beautiful set of open-ended play resources

Create a rich learning experience

Suitable for ages 10m+, babies and toddlers will be fascinated by the shapes and textures of these hardwood objects.

Montessori-style, loose parts play

The word “heuristic” means “I discover”. These open-ended objects encourage children to investigate their relationship with each other.

Nurture creativity & investigative skills

These loose parts play resources are ideal for language development and stimulating neural connections through curiosity and intuition.


The Heuristic Play Starter Set is comprised of 63 smooth beechwood pieces. The set also includes guidance notes and comes packaged in a drawstring bag.

Inspire creative play and problem solving by making these pieces part of your toddler's treasure box of odd-shaped, safe items.

Open-ended play with loose parts encourages children to explore and investigate objects in their own right and in relation to one another. Great for building confidence and creativity.

Heuristic Play Starter Set includes 10 x 2.8" Rings, 10 x 1.9" Rings, 6 x 1.6" Cubes, 10 x 2.5" Egg Cups, 10 x 1.4" Spools, 10 x 2" Balls, 3 x 2.8" Bowls, 3 x 3.6" Bowls, 1 x 12.6" Ring Stand Base.

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