Ladybug Land with Voucher

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Insect Lore Ladybug Land with Voucher

The Insect Lore Ladybug Land lets kids and adults observe every fascinating stage of ladybug metamorphosis at home or in the classroom. This set includes a see-through, domed ladybug habitat with a built-in magnifying lid to let inquisitive eyes watch ladybugs grow and mature. When you’re ready to start, simply claim your live ladybug larvae online.

Claim Your Live Ladybug Larvae Online

This Insect Lore Ladybug Land set does not come with live ladybug larvae, but instead allows you to claim them online, giving you the flexibility to start raising your ladybugs when you are ready. This makes the kit a perfect choice to give as a gift, and also gives owners the option to wait for the right season or temperature to raise ladybugs. As soon as you are ready for your larvae, simply go online to claim your baby ladybugs and have them shipped live to your door.

Watch Ladybugs Grow in Front of Your Eyes

Your ladybugs will be shipped to you in a tube with 10-13 larvae that includes all the food they need in this early stage of life. The ladybug larvae will eat, grow, and molt for about a week to ten days. Once they have stored enough energy, they will attach themselves to the walls and floor of their habitat to begin the pupal stage of their lives. Once the adult ladybugs will emerge from the pupas, they will rely on you to provide their food. The open, diorama-style habitat gives the ladybugs plenty of room to move about while they grow, with a water reservoir volcano in the center for them to drink from. The top of the domed habitat has a built-in magnifying glass for close-up ladybug observation.

Set Your Ladybugs Free

After you have enjoyed your adult ladybugs for a few days, it is best to let them go outdoors where they can begin the ladybug life cycle all over again. Children often become attached to their ladybugs, but it is best to release them within a week of their emergence from the pupas. Ladybugs are helpful in the garden, where they can assist you by eating aphids that can be harmful to plants. Five ladybug larvae are guaranteed to develop into adult ladybugs.

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