Mini Metropolis City Play Rug

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Make your way through the Metro Motor Maze!

Drive your way through the metropolitan mazes of an activity play rug. Take a trip to the beach, speedway, airport, neighborhood, and railroad! The streets can comfortably fit one 2.5" vehicle, or two 1" vehicles side by side. Line up your cars, trucks, tractors, trains, fire engines, and police cars, all are welcome! The carpet measures 39" x 79" to fit a bedroom, playroom, or classroom, large or small. It's made from soft nylon that's comfortable for little ones to play or even take a nap on, yet firm enough to make those little wheels roll. Use a wet/dry vac or any carpet cleaner to clean up any accidents on the road.

Why You'll Love It:

This activity rug was designed to grow with your little one. Start off with the large, chunky cars and as they grow, move on to the fast-little racers. The color scheme was chosen with both children and parents in mind. It's filled with bright pops of fun colors while also having enough neutral tones to match any decor.

  • Item Dimensions: 39.00x4.50x4.50 in.
  • Item Weight: .8 lbs.

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