Pop! Pop! Piano

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Once upon a wonder comes a toy so intuitively playful, every child that sits down with it grows a love of music!

Send the wonder soaring!

Tap keys to make colorful balls pop and fly!

Choose your wonder!

With an easy press of a button, children can switch from classic piano sounds to silly sounds, and back again!

Feel the magic!

Experience the effects of music--smile, laugh and dance along!

Durability and quality!

Mirari is a line of premium toys made using quality materials such as sustainable bamboo wood!

Mirari means wonder!

Mirari is a mindful and modern brand of infant and toddler toys that engage little ones and allow them to have fun while also help them practice and develop skills. Pop! Pop! Piano allows children to tap (or bang!) on keys to hear sounds and music, and also see balls pop up! The toy also encourages learning as children discover cause and effect fundamentals, and practice color matching balls and tubes!

Mirari means wonder, and our collection inspires classic play and new discoveries, encouraging children to learn and grow. Mirari promise wonderful experiences, opening a world of possibilities! When children Press a key on the piano, they not only hear a sound, They see a ball pop up!

The clear, non-removable dome guides the colorful balls into a different pipe so when another note is played, they'll pop some more! Flip the switch to go from piano tones to hearing fun sound effects when the keys are pressed. Press the soft, squishy mirari button to hear the signature mirari giggle!

Pop! Pop! Piano measures 9" X 11. 5" X 5. 5" And has a natural wood top on the base for a modern, rich look and feel.

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