Puzzle Stampers People Movers

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I'm Professor Poplar, and these are my patented People Movers Puzzle Stampers. They're a terrific, sensory way to learn the shapes and sizes of seven busy vehicles by creating artistic masterpieces! There's a dump truck, ambulance, plane, tour bus, fire engine, tow truck, and a round bug of a car! And it's quite easy to start stamping, just grab your chosen piece by its peg, then press it down into the ink, lift, and press onto your paper. You'll be filling up busy city streets in no time! When you've finished, don't forget to put all the puzzle pieces back where they belong. Use your sense of touch to match the shapes and pictures to puzzle out a solution. And, for my advanced scholars: Do you know the name of each people mover? Can you tell me what they are and what they do?

Why you'll love it:These colorful pieces are easy to grab and match, the ink is washable, and this multimodal toy not only develops fine motor skills, shape orientation, and memory, but it also a great source of creative expression.

  • Item Dimensions: 12.00x9.00x1.50 in.
  • Item Weight: .8 lbs.

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