Sensory Balls, 4 Inch, Solid Colors, 4 Ball Set

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Sensory Balls

Edushape 4" sensory balls are perfect for developing baby’s tactile senses and gross motor skills. The nubby texture of these colorful balls provides tremendous sensory and dexterity-building play. Baby can squeeze, roll, throw, kick and see through these textured play balls. The sensory ball improves hand-eye coordination and can be used to improve socialization skills when enjoyed in group play. Baby products by Edushape will enable babies to: explore, discover, visualize, and verbalize and so much more. At Edushape we encourage you to, touch with passion, laugh with love, and "bond with your baby". Most of all have fun learning together.

Sensory and Dexterity-building Play

Nubbly surface engages the senses and enhances tactile development

BPA & Phthalate Free

Safety is top priority, Edushape Sensory balls are BPA & Phthalate free. Protect your children with safe high quality toys.

Squeeze, Roll, Throw, Kick, PLAY

A versatile toy for all ages, these sensory ball open up play to an active imagination and busy kid. Squeeze, roll, throw, kick these sensory balls are for all types of PLAY!

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