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Create Mind-Blowing Volcanic Reactions

Exploding fun with science at home!

The 16 components included in the box are all you need! All containers are resealable for more volcano experiments and easy clean-up.

Make lava bombs, eruptions, fizzing mineral pools and gas demonstrations

Use the workbench provided to mix chemicals and produce volcanic activity! Watch fascinating lava flows and color-changing mineral pools.

Teach valuable STEM lessons

Learn about volcanology, minerals, gases and pH. A full-color education and instruction booklet comes with the kit!

What's in the box:

Universal indicator paper -- spoons -- lava foam -- sodium bicarbonate -- citric acid -- stirring sticks -- beaker -- volcano island -- lava bomb stand -- pipette -- tweezers -- liquid color pigments -- laboratory gloves -- paper -- goggles -- Full color education and instruction booklet.

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