Wishbone Bike Cruise

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Dare to be different

Wishbone Bike Cruise is a balance bike mash-up, designed for stylin’ pre-schoolers who are ready to ride. Inspired by the 1950’s custom motorcycle scene, Wishbone Cruise is a uniquely-styled first ride for children aged 2 years and up. Simple, sustainable design.Two bigger wheels at 14” for smooth riding, with rubber whitewall tires. Made from recycled plastic and plantation birch, we’ve got the environment covered. Easy and lightweight to carry. Store indoors overnight. 5-year limited warranty. 

  • Cruise is Wishbone’s first “factory custom” model. Custom motorbikes became popular in the 1950s. They offer unique stylistic changes to a manufacturer’s standard design. “Factory customs” often combine components from other models for unique appeal.
  • Suggest Wishbone Cruise for children who are 2 to 3 years old.
  • Cruise wheels are 14” size - larger than other Wishbone Bikes (which have 12” wheels). Larger wheels are smoother, grippier, and more stable on rough terrain.
  • Smaller wheels accelerate faster and are more agile plus a fraction lighter.
  • id you know? Early car tires were all whitewall because black carbon was added for traction so only necessary where the tire meets the road.
  • When assembling, make sure Cruise’s seat is always level by installing it last and adjusting the frame as necessary.
  • Cruise comes with a 5-year limited warranty which excludes cosmetic deterioration of wooden components.
  • Wishbone’s designer, Richard Latham, was inspired to design Cruise as he loves all things retro - his every- day car is a 1966 Volkswagen Camper.

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